Here are some highlights of the training Oakville Sea Cadets do!


Learn how to sail various crafts while earning Canadian Yachting Association qualifications. Also, obtain Safety Craft Operators Program qualifications—get your boating and radio license!


The winter doesn't stop us from putting the sea in Sea Cadets!

Use realistic controls as you learn to navigate, control, and command various ships in different, real-world, situations.


Oakville Sea Cadets pride themselves on being pillars in their community and carry-on the proud tradition of excellence, courage, and duty established by the crew of HMCS OAKVILLE, our namesake ship!

Learn how to motivate, instruct, plan and lead cadets through various challenges!


Did we mention this is SEA Cadets?  RCSCC OAKVILLE is proud of our naval heritage. Cadet's learn about the past and present role of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). We even visit ships when they come to port and you even have the chance to work and learn aboard a real ship in the summer!1


The Cadet Marksmanship program is an excellent way for cadets to hone important skills—teamwork, discipline, management, and responsibility.  It's also a lot of fun!


We spend several weekends a year learning and applying the fun things we learn.  From staying aboard a ship to camping in the woods, Oakville Sea Cadets are given several opportunities to let their new skillsets shine!


Many Sea Cadets qualify2 to attend summer training at various locations across the country. Training centers are staffed by Royal Canadian Navy Officers and senior-level Sea Cadets that have achieved a high degree of proficiency in a trade area. There is no cost to parents/guardians for their children to attend summer training.3 Course durations are 2, 3 or 6 weeks, and course offerings include:

  • Sailing—Earn Canadian Yachting Association sailing levels up to and including Instructor.
  • Athletic Leadership—Cadets not only learn advanced fitness skills, they learn how to teach them to others.
  • Marching Band—Sea Cadet marching bands are some of the best in the world!
  • Naval Leadership—An emphasis on drill, outdoor camping/survival, marksmanship, and instruction.

Senior Sea Cadets who have achieved a high degree of proficiency in a trade area may apply for a staff position at a training center. These positions offer competitive compensation for extremely rewarding and fun work.


[1] Cadet seamanship deployments offer billets on various ships (RCN, Canadian/American Coast Guard, Tall Ships, etc) where cadets are supervised by qualified Officers and are taught the routine of shipboard life.

[2] Due to a limited number of openings, not all Cadets will be accepted to camp each year.

[3] Cadets are responsible for extracurricular expenses such as souvenirs and canteen snacks.