Upcoming Central Region Seamanship Deployment Orders/Application Request

Deadline for applicants is the 16th to advise the CO if they are interested

WARNING ORDER - Sea Cadet Seamanship Deployments FY 17-18, Fri 18-Aug-17

B. DIRECTIVE – Sea Cadet Seamanship Deployments FY 17-18, 1085-16-6 (J5 Plans O (Sea Cdts)) 30 August 2017



  1. Sea Cadet Seamanship Deployments (SCSD) for Central Region Sea Cadets will be executed over two (2) serials onboard PCT vessels, deployed in the Area of Operations, Victoria, Gulf Islands, Strait of Georgia and Vancouver as follows: 
  1. Central Region serial 116701,14 – 21 Oct 17 (including travel dates), 16 Male, 16 Female cadets; 
  1. Central Region serial 116703,10 - 17 Mar 18 (including travel dates), 1 Male, 1 Female cadet; 


  1. The SCSDs are an on-water event which encompasses rigorous training, long hours on the water, and varying weather conditions. It is important that all applicants have a high level of physical fitness, be free of any ailment or condition (physical or psychological) or injury (including casts, braces and taping), and/or limitations which: 
  1. may require access to medical facilities in under 180 minutes; 
  1. are incompatible with life aboard a vessel for five consecutive days away at sea (cramped quarters, confined spaces, standing watches, irregular meal hours, etc.); 
  1. requires special dietary requirements or a peanut-free environment;


  1. will or may prevent him/her from going into confined areas (galley, bunk and passageway), fitting through tight openings (hatches, ladders and doors), and operating deck equipment; and 
  1. precludes or may preclude an individual from following direction and taking part in any safety requirements, activities, and/or training. 
  1. Corps/RCSUs are to monitor Cadets who have been selected for the deployment for any changes to their health or a medical issue that required a visit to a physician or a medical facility, within the eight (8) months preceding the initial travel date for the deployment. In these cases, corps Commanding Officers are to immediately advise, through their chain of command the RCSU J5 Plans Officer (Sea Cadets) and have the Parent/Guardian complete a detailed health questionnaire and submit to the RCMLO for further review.



  1. In order to be eligible, cadet participants must: 
  1. be a minimum of 15 years of age; 
  1. have completed Phase IV training; 
  1. minimum current Cadet Fitness Assessment - Bronze displayed in Fortress training record; 
  1. be fluent in the language designated for the serial; and 
  1. be free of any participation limitations (medical or psychological) 
  1. Billets are allocated based on gender and may not be changed without approval from RCSU (P). 
  1. Applications. RCSUs / Corps are responsible for nominating participants in accordance with their allocations. Application and nomination process in Fortress will be as per Operation Order. 


  1. Allocations and Eligibility Criteria - Support Cadets and Officers. Officer/NCM, non-paid support cadet positions: 
  1. billets and selection criteria / qualification requirements are found at Ref, Annex B (note that dates may be adjusted slightly); 
  1. officer billets for the SCSD require specialized skills sets found in a specific group of personnel and RCSU(P) will coordinate with Natl CJCR Sp Gp CIC Training personnel to identify and prioritize personnel available to fill these billets; and 
  1. support cadets will be selected by the PCT COs once onboard. RCSUs are requested to identify potential cadets that would have the prerequisites (Annex B) to act as a support cadet. 
  1. Selection Policy – Support Cadets. When filling support cadet positions, preference will be given to those cadets who have completed at least one summer as a staff cadet at a CTC. 
  1. Selection Policy - Officers. When selecting officers, the following policy will be applied: 
  1. officers are to have completed the Tender Charge Vessel Operators (TCVO) course and  be currently in the training pool for certification, or have completed their TOIC certification and are    available for either direct employment in a position (i.e. PCT COs) or in need of consolidation time; 
  1. RCSU(P) will, in concert with Natl CJCR Sp Gp J5 Pers Trg Plans, coordinate to identify individual developmental opportunities and individual training priorities and then contact individuals parent RCSU to solicit direct employment; 
  1. when billets cannot be filled by qualified individuals (completed TCVO course) consideration of others will be conducted in the following order: 

(1)             have a desire to attend the next serial of the TCVO course, 

(2)             currently serving in a Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps (RCSCC), 

(3)             currently volunteering in a RCSCC, 

(4)             on a Cadet Nautical Centre establishment, and 

(5)             on any CTC/Detachment or other holding list. 

  1. Regional Selections will be made based on: 
  1. the edibility criteria listed; 
  1. maximum participation of RCSCC’s; and 
  1. first time applicants will receive preference. 
  1. Corps with multiple applications will prioritize cadets in order of CO’s preference. 116701 application end date is 22 September 2017. 116703 application end date is 1 February 2018.