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19th August @ 0930 hrs, Warrior's Day Parade CNE Toronto

The Warriors’ Day Parade Council will be hosting this year’s 96th Annual Warriors’ Day Parade at the CNE on Saturday 19thth August 2017.  

Cadet participation is requested to carry the marching unit identification signs on the right flank of each participating marching unit and assist otherwise as required. 
Interested Cadets are required to wear summer uniform and report directly to the Cadet/Scout Registration Desk in Gore Park no later than 0930. Gore Park is the small triangular park located immediately east of the Princes' Gate, north of Lakeshore Blvd and immediately south of Fort York Armouries. 
Upon completion of the Parade, participating Cadets will receive a stipend of ten dollars ($10). 

Any cadets interested in advising the CO if they are interested ASAP. email: ltaddeo@cogeco.ca or Tel: 905-464-0674

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