Oakville_Crest_Colour_200x250.png   Oakville_Crest_Grayscale_200x250.png   Oakville_Crest_BW_200x250.png

Below are links to download the Corps crest in various sizes, in colour, grayscale and B&W. Which one you choose to use depends on what you're using it for. Choosing the size closest to what you need will generally yield the best results. If you're printing or photocopying in grayscale, then the grayscale crest will work best. The B&W outline version is for when you're working in one single colour—most often for embroidery and engraving.

The PNG format is useful in that it has a transparent border. This means you can drop the crest on any colour background and it will look good (with no white box around it.) The PNGs can be inserted into applications like Microsoft Word and Excel, email applications, etc., and will display well.

For resolution independent use (high quality printing, embroidery, and engraving) vector-based PDF or EPS files are usually the best choice as they print at the maximum resolution of the output device. The service provider will guide you on the choice. (Make sure you let them know you have vector-based files as an option.)

These crests were created in Adobe Illustrator. Files are provided for future editing, and because some service providers may request them.

NOTE: At the bottom of the page is a link to download everything which may be more convenient.

Download Everything

If you want to download everything, simply click on the link below.